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NetPoint launches new website about SharePoint 2013
After the development and the implementation of several projects on SharePoint 22013 technology clients including MAPFRE, ITP, Ikerlan, G. Antolín... NetPoint has decided to launch its new corporate website on the Internet on this platform. With this we want to provide our clients and anyone interested in one of the leading companies working exclusively on SharePoint solutions, tools and success stories information taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by the platform.
NPS Graph, los gráficos más potentes a su alcance

NPS Graph pone a su alcance todo el impacto visual de la infografía de negocio, para hacer llegar a su empresa la información crítica de forma efectiva e impactante. Extremadamente sencillo de usar, este componente presenta los gráficos mediante una animacion inicial que les proporciona un enorme dinamismo y atractivo visual. Ahora, en una promoción especial que garantiza todas las actualizaciones durante 2016.  

New line of business around 'the cloud'
NetPoint bets on the growing model of services in the cloud with our new Smart Cloud Workplace platform.  SCW is a set of solutions with functional content for the business user with modules such as project management, room booking, collaboration workspaces, document management. All of these capacities, add value to the existing offerings from cloud services focused almost exclusively on infrastructure and its management for"clouds".
Servicios Profesionales especializados en SharePoint

Given the current market demand in SharePoint environments, NetPoint has created a special department for the management of highly specialized professional resources in the platform.
In addition and in conjunction with these professionals, offers free support on any of the aspects: infrastructure, deployment scripts, configurations, design, XSLT, ... that the post required to achieve the objectives.
The areas of these services are geared to consulting, infrastructure and development.


More than 12 years of experience around SharePoint technologies, since its initial version in 2001 to the most recent 2013 and Online. More than 200 projects in all its incarnations, in multiple sectors, with completely different needs and covering very different functional areas. And now betting on the Cloud.

Packaged solutions available for our clients in various functional areas that allow you to accelerate the implementation of your projects. Our experience developing them results in the creation of components that respond to specific requirements of our customers, their maintenance and updating throughout the versions of SharePoint.
A suite of products built on SharePoint, with total fidelity to its platform philosophy, that increases the productivity of their IT resources and provides a new range of possibilities for creating services, while reducing development costs. With them, IT will decrease implementation time and will get very difficult features to achieve without developments very complex and expensive.
From support for the definition of a RFP, the consultancy's definition of the scope, definition and deployment of a complex architecture, development or defining an application user experience or an Intranet, all the services necessary to succeed in your SharePoint projects. We design using AGILE and SCRUM methodology.

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