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Compatible Windows 10

Hemos actualizado nuestras aplicaciones al entorno Windows 10. En NetPoint aprovechamos las nuevas tecnología para ofrecer una mayor integración con la intranet de nuestros clientes. Algunas de nuestras aplicaciones como: Reporter de gastos, accesos a la información, gestión de incidencias, procesos internos, ... se integran en el entorno facilitando a los usuarios los accesos a la información de forma precisa y sin navegaciones tediosas. 

SCW ofrece un conjunto de soluciones basadas en la nube que proporcionan a las empresas, un nuevo sentido en el ámbito de las comunicaciones con un mayor control y gestión de acceso a la información.

Let us to go with you to Office 365
At last, you are decided: you will buy Office365 and give the final "leap to the cloud." Undoubtedly, this will save you on overhead costs, will improve your processes and you should not fear to become obsolete in the short term. But, will you know how to extract all the juice to your shiny and not-really-cheap Office 365 licenses? Don't worry, the experts in the Intranet from NetPoint Solutions are here to guide you through the complex Microsoft cloud...
Xpress Booking: When Less is More

When you forgot to reserve the meeting room for your client or your boss comes with three others to your meeting, agility becomes the most important element for you. Therefore, the usability experts from NetPoint Solutions have created for you Xpress Booking: Get your meeting room with a single click !!

New line of business around 'the cloud'
NetPoint bets on the growing model of services in the cloud with our new Smart Cloud Workplace platform.  SCW is a set of solutions with powerful functional content for the business user, that include modules such as project management, rooms booking, collaboration workspaces or document management. All these capabilities add value to the existing offerings from cloud services focused almost exclusively on infrastructure...
It is worth to change to SharePoint 2016?

SharePoint 2016 is already in RTM !! With several working months on various betas, anticipating the new iteration, here comes the very  familiar question among our customers: is it worth the change?, what's new in the new SharePoint? We have read many reviews out there about this iteration of SharePoint, but after a little experience in our own flesh, we can not help thinking that, in the end, maybe it will be worth...

NPS Project Plan, a new Solution from NetPoint
Presenting the most recent solution, emerged from the minds of out Department of Innovation: NPS Project Plan.  A tool that meets the needs of serious project management from a perspective that focused both on the tasks of each project and the documentation associated to them. Each project has its own collaboration space in which it is stored the related information, tasks views, documents, control oanel, gantt chart, etc. And there is plenty of room for other SharePoint components to expand the solution to meet your needs...
A brand new option for Lists XL: Conditions

NEW: Now, NPS Lists XL, the  NetPoint tool that brings SharePoint security to the field level, includes a new, powerful option: set the visibility or the possibility of editing a item field based on tje value of another field of the same item. One step closer to to creating real applications based on SharePoint lists.

¿Una encuesta rápida? Ayúdenos a conocer sus intereses para poder realizarle las mejores ofertas.


More than 12 years of experience around SharePoint technologies, since its initial version in 2001 to the most recent 2013 and Online. More than 200 projects in all its incarnations, in multiple sectors, with completely different needs and covering very different functional areas. And now betting on the Cloud.

  • Meet NetPoint Solutions,the specialist in Intranet and Corporate Solutions

  • We have worked for some of the most important Spanish Companies in almost all sectors

  • Tras década y media de trabajos, SharePoint, la plataforma de portales de Microsoft no tiene secretos para nosotros.

  • We share with you our day by day

  • You will be bang up-to-date thanks to our experts

La gestión del conocimiento empieza por controlar y asegurar el talento de las personas.
Facilitar su acceso aumentará la eficiencia en el puesto de trabajo


Packaged solutions available for our clients in various functional areas that allow you to accelerate the implementation of your projects. Our experience developing them results in the creation of components that respond to specific requirements of our customers, their maintenance and updating throughout the versions of SharePoint.
  • Our powerful platform for managing physical spaces in the Company

  • One versatile project management, powerfull and simple, with a price you will not believe it.

  • With our platform of ideas, you can finally canalize all the creative potential of your company

  • A Document Management pocket for your company, without waiting or consulting

  • Manages in a simple and versatile way all types of permissions: vacation, gainful, not gainful ...

  • A great tool for incidences management and technical consultations, with flows enabled

Unimos las infraestructuras cloud con las soluciones más demandadas en el ámbito empresarial​


A suite of products built on SharePoint, with total fidelity to its platform philosophy, that increases the productivity of their IT resources and provides a new range of possibilities for creating services, while reducing development costs. With them, IT will decrease implementation time and will get very difficult features to achieve without developments very complex and expensive.
  • Our Engine flows and processes for Intranet

  • Brings the SharePoint lists to another level with XL List

  • You will not believe what you can do with SharePoint information through Styler

  • Ni una lista, ni un calendario, ni un gantt nos ofrecen esa visión inmediata del estado como lo hace NPS Kanban

  • Get real multilingual pages in SharePoint through NPS Lingvo

  • Our Calendar offers maximum view and enormous possibilities

  • All the power of the most complete graphics at your hand

En la gestión documental el espacio no lo es todo.
Una información bien estructurada y su catalogación son fundamentales para el uso diario​


From support for the definition of a RFP, the consultancy's definition of the scope, definition and deployment of a complex architecture, development or defining an application user experience or an Intranet, all the services necessary to succeed in your SharePoint projects. We design using AGILE and SCRUM methodology.
  • With hundreds of projects behind us, we are one of the most experienced Spanish Companies in Intranets

  • Our added value in the consulting phase are proactivity, experience and knowledge

  • We offer our professional services in all stages of their development

  • Office 365 es una plataforma que está creciendo día a día, cada vez más rápida y eficaz.  Y nosotros la conocemos bien.

  • La línea de negocio con la que NetPoint Solutions quiere asaltar el mundo de "la nube" (cloud) manteniendo los pies en la tierra.

Innovamos para ofrecer soluciones empresariales